A Zeitls HBT will come with all of the following:

3D model

The 3D model is a high-quality 3D scan of the real, physical artwork, and as such is frozen in time with all of its purities and imperfections. Museum and author markings are all visible.

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Certificate Of Authenticity

The Certificate of Authenticity of a signed document that legally transfers all non-physical rights to the current owner of the HBT.


High-Quality photograph

A professionally shot, high-quality photograph of the artwork.


Museum archive record

A record of the object from the Devils Museum in Kaunas archive with a description of the artwork and its characteristics.

Museum Card

Metaverse Room

Zeitls will provide you with a room in the Metaverse, so that you may experience your HBT and the future digital expansion of our world firsthand, today.

Metaverse Avatar

In the future, Zeitls will turn every exhibit into a Metaverse.

The History-Backed Token is much more than a simple 3D recreation of a museum exhibit. The HBT is a high-quality 3D scanned digital original that will be delivered with a package of files to set it apart from traditional NFTs.

Our all-new asset class will set a new standard for web3, in terms of ownership and authenticity. With the help of the blockchain, our non-physical rights and the Certificate of Authenticity, we can guarantee the legitimacy of our HBTs and create the only digital original in existence. We strive to provide our collectors with the most extensive set of deliverables yet to hit the market.